Artists’ Statement

“In 2016 I’m making again after a period of 5 years raising a family and continuing to teach. I’m now back on the wheel, exploring new clays, new techniques and making slipware again.

My slip is brush applied in spirals and glazes are glossy bright blue, green and honey. Dots and splashes of oxides complete a rich multilayered finish. I’m also introducing a textured black clay body and have been experimenting with larger coil constructed pieces.

Slipware has been an enduring passion of mine since I first studied ceramics. My forms are inspired by prehistoric Beaker ware, Romano-British and Medieval wares, Staffordshire slipware and other world ceramics.

My focus still inclines towards pots for food with a collection of thrown bowls, dishes, plates and drinking cups, and hand-built vessels.”

Ruth Elizabeth Jones